Should You Use Slackware In 2021

There are plenty of old Linux Distros that are still around. One of the most popular is Slackware. Slackware is a traditional Linux Distro. It does not use systemd, and treats Linux more like a free clone of Unix than it’s own thing. It is stable, and great for both desktops and servers. I am going to go over the benefits, and why you might want to consider using Slackware on your computer.


The installation of Slackware is a cli installer. Despite not being a graphical installer, it is one of the easiest installers to use. It has barely changed since It was created in the 1990’s. The installer may take some time due to the amount of applications. However, the install is one of the high points of this linux distro.


Slackware, trying to stay simple, comes with a lot of applications. For most people just trying to get work done, you will not have to install any new applications on Slackware. With desktop environments, network utilities, a mail reader, a web browser, and much more, it is anything but minimal. This can be a good thing for someone who wants a system that comes with everything that they want to get started. There is the option for a minimal installation witch doesn’t have everything, but that is not recommended for anything other than servers.


Slackware doesn’t have a amazing bootup time. That is of set by the fact that it is so stable you will basically never have to shut it off. It is not uncommon for slackware computers to have a ridiculously long uptime where it only ever gets shut off in power outages. Due to it avoiding systemd, it is very easy to remove services and slim down Slackware to improve the boot time and make it easier to run on lower end hardware, if you want it to be faster.


While Slackware may not be the best for everyone, the stable, rock solid operating system that comes with everything that you need to get work done is still one of the most popular for a reason. I would say that there is more reason to use it now than ever before. So go try it. Boot up a VM, and if you really like it feel free to install it onto your system.

Written on July 17, 2021