Replace Your Apps With Vim Like Alternatives

If you are someone that uses vim, often times you will find yourself trying to use vim keybindings on other apps. That’s no surprise, the vim keybindings are so efficient that it can be hard to go back to anything else. So, I am going to show you some great apps that use vim keybindings. Plus, as a bonus, these apps almost all run in the terminal and are very fast.



Qutebrowser is one of the few browsers that is not directly based on any version of Firefox or Chromium. Qutebrowser is blazing fast, with no tracking built in. Qutebrowser aims to have a fully functional browsing experience without use of the mouse, which I can appreciate. Plus, if you use vim the keyboard shortcuts will be mainly the same with some original ones thrown in there. It is the best non-firefox browser that I have ever used, and is only made better because it uses vim bindings.

File manager


When it comes to terminal file managers, ranger is the most popular by far, followed closely by nnn. It provides a very easy to understand and fast curses interface. Deleting, copying, moving, and creating files and directories will feel very familiar to anyone who has used vim for any length of time, and it has many helpful menus to help you if you forget the shortcuts.

Email Client


Normally, Mutt or NeoMutt are the email clients of choice for people who would like to use a tui for their email. However, I would say that for vim users, aerc would be a better choice. It is made with vim bindings in mind, and is super efficient. aerc also has excellent support for HTML, git, and multiple accounts.


As someone who rarely ever leaves the terminal, I find all of these applications great. It is very nice to be able to use one set of keybindings for almost all of your applications. It is also worth noting that these are not the only options you have for vim-like applications, just the ones that I personally use and recommend. If you would like to see some alternatives, click the link below.

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Written on January 16, 2022