Dahlia Os Review

Google. Simply saying the name is enough to give some shivers down their spine. While they have been quite fundamental to the sucess of Linux, they are known for being a evil, privacy destroying company. But, thankfully, they are known to make many of the components of their operating systems open sourced. While there are many open sourced distributions of Android, for the longest time, it didn’t seem like there wasn’t any equivalient for ChromeOS. That was t’ill now. Dahlia OS is a open sourced, Fuchsia based, Linux distro with its own desktop, apps, and package repository. I personally gave it a whirl, and I would like to share my experience with you, so you might consider giving it a try.


Pangolin is a very full featured, easy to configure, and fast desktop. It is almost identical to Chrome OS, with some small changes and more configuration options. It uses the beautiful Material design scheme, with some beautiful animations. In the settings, lies a ‘Customization’ tab, that allows you to fully customize the colors and wallpaper.

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For something as fancy and beautiful as Pangolin, you’d think that DahliaOS would be a resource hog. Yet, it is incredibly lightweight. With my testing on a KVM virtual machine that had 4GB of ram and 6 CPU cores, used about 210mb of ram and 1-2% of the CPU when idle. Plus, the image itself is less than 200mb, which is super impressive.


While most of the apps in Dahlia are not very exciting, by design they are meant to be simple and fast. Yet, there is one that deserves mention. Graft is an app that allows you to create Linux virtual machines and containers. It runs great, and in my opinion, totally makes up for the sad lack of native flutter-based applications.


DahliaOS is not the most feature packed, mature, or practical operating system out right now. Yet, it has a lot of potential. With a few more years of development, and some more funding, I truly believe that it will be one of, if not the best operating system available. So, while Google may still be the devil, some good can still come out of their wickedness.

You can even try it out in your browser right here,

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Written on April 8, 2022