5 Great Non Endorsed Ubuntu Flavors

Ubuntu, many people who have some Linux experience have already shriveled up and died after hearing me utter the name of the evil Linux distro. Although, there are still many people who love Ubuntu Linux, and because of its large user base, it has a lot of “flavors”, with different desktop environments. However, not all of these flavors are officially supported, so I found some of the best flavors that do not get any appreciation from Cannonical.

Ubuntu DDE

Ubuntu DDE stands for Ubuntu Deepin Desktop edition. As the name suggests, it uses the same Deepin Desktop that was made for the Chinese Linux distro, “Deepin”. It is mainly supported by the community, and has a donation page if you would like to contribute. It requires quite a lot of resources to run, but it is the more beautiful desktop environment that I’ve ever seen. Plus, it uses the QT framework, so you won’t have to worry about LibAdiwata.

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Ubuntu Unity

When GNOME 3 was first released, Ubuntu needed something to get away from the big buggy mess that it created. So they decided to release their own buggy mess, but like GNOME 3, at the end of it’s life cycle it had grown into an amazing desktop with many features. I personally am using Ubuntu 20.04 with the Unity desktop right now and I couldn’t be happier. Ubuntu Unity is also involved with the UnityX and Lomiri projects in an effort to keep Unity alive. So, if you miss the, “Good old days” of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Unity is a great choice.

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Ubuntu Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a desktop designed by the Linux Mint team, which itself is based off of Ubuntu. Which is why many people like to jokingly call this flavor, “Orange Linux Mint”. While admittedly, there aren’t many differences between Ubuntu Cinnamon and Linux mint, it is great if you want to use some of the testing or EOL versions of Ubuntu and still like the Cinnamon desktop.

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CuteFish OS “Built on Ubuntu”

In terms of new players in the desktop game, aside from UnityX, I would bet that CuteFish is one of the newest. Boasting a iPadOS-like user interface, and custom apps written just for CuteFish, it is certainly one of the better desktop’s out there. Just like the Deepen desktop, it uses the QT framework and isn’t associated with GNOME, so you don’t have to worry about what they are going to do next.


Many power users are familiar with tiling window managers. Instead of having your windows just floating around and being able to minimize them, all of your windows are arranged in a grid and can’t be minimized. Tiling window managers are notoriously hard to get into, but Regolith allows a absolute beginner to use one. Regolith is GNOME+i3, so you have all of the simplicity and ease of use with GNOME, and the tiling functionality of i3. While it does not have, “Ubuntu”, in it’s name, it is still based on Ubuntu and Ubuntu even has a package to install regolith-desktop. Plus, there is no changes other than the desktop unlike something like Linux mint or Pop_OS! .

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I have just covered 5 Ubuntu flavors that are not endorsed or supported by Ubuntu, but nonetheless they are amazing flavors that all have something unique about them, Whether it is tiling, beautiful effects, or even bringing a desktop back from the dead, depending on your use case I would recommend all of these flavors of Ubuntu.

Written on January 7, 2022