5 Great Linux Distro's That Could Use A Donation

Due to the very essence of open sourced software, funding it can be pretty complicated. You can’t just charge for free (as in speech) software, because someone would just make a fork of it for free (as in beer). One way that a lot of projects make their money it through donations. I am going to give my guidelines for what I consider the best Linux distro’s to donate to, and who (in my opinion) I think are some of the Linux distro’s that deserve a donation the most.


If you would like to give money to a Linux distro where it will be the most appreciated and well used, I would recommend giving to a Linux distro that doesn’t get a lot of funding. So, either distro’s that are funded by big companies like Fedora and Ubuntu, or distro’s that get an insane amount of donations like Debian and Arch.


Devuan is Debian without systemd, which means that they are maintaining their own repositories and doing a lot of work when it comes to support SysVinit and OpenRC. They get most of their funding from donations made by users, and they take donations from credit card and Paypal. So if you would like to support a systemd future for Linux, donate here.

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Solus is a independent desktop oriented Linux distro. It is great for new and experienced users alike. Solus is entirely supported by donations, and they are very transparent on who donates, how much money they get, and where that money goes. Due to the fact that they are not based on any other Linux distro, the costs of maintaining the packages and developing their Budgie desktop are quite large. If you would like to keep Solus, and by extension the Budgie desktop alive, click here.

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As many people know, Red Hat switched CentOS Linux from the downstream of RHEL to the upstream, meaning that a lot of the people who used it for servers had to switch to something else. This something else is Rocky Linux. It was made by one of the founders of CentOS and aims to do exactly what CentOS used to do. Because they aren’t affiliated with Red Hat, they are largely dependent on donations. So if you would like to support the people keeping the old CentOS alive, click here.

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NixOS is unlike every other Linux distro ever made. NixOS aims to be reproducible, meaning that by simply taking your one NixOS config file and moving it to another NixOS machine, you can make it exactly like your other machine. They are also 100% independent with a lot of work going into it. You don’t even have to donate to support NixOS, because they have a merch store where you can buy stickers, hats, mugs ans other goodies while supporting them. If you would like to help out this innovative OS and get something in return, click on the link below.

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In the same vain of Devuan, Artix is Arch Linux without systemd. They have put in the work to support many different init systems, such as OpenRC, runit, and s6. It is also a very easy install with many live environments and a graphical installer ready for any newbies to Linux. If you would like to donate to this amazing systemd free distro, click here.

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While you shouldn’t blindly trust someone like me especially when it comes to your money, I truly believe that if you are looking to support a Linux distro and really make a difference, you couldn’t go wrong with any of these 5.

Written on December 30, 2021